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Hi y'all! I'm Kaylee and I post a lot of randomness. I have a lot of feels about a lot of things. So be prepared for flailing and wailing of all kinds on all levels. Just so you know. Also fair warning: this is not that interesting. Just so you know.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it’s happening! SAY YES!

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when ur crush tells a dumb joke and u make a frustrated noise and they go “come on you know you love me”

and ur just 

(⊙ヮ⊙) …………



Denis Medri draws Star Wars as an 80’s high school movie

❝Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.❞
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❝A lie is always a lie. No matter how beautifully it is told, or how vastly we want to believe it.
Fancy language and glittered apologies hide lies underneath the superficial surface.❞
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If Margaery Tyrell thinks to cheat me of my hour in the sun, she had bloody well think again.

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uuuummm YES PLEASE


uuuummm YES PLEASE

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it’s like you never had wings | bucky barnes [LISTEN]

i. change by deftones | ii. the phoenix by fall out boy | iii. daisy by brand new | iv. eyes on fire by blue foundation | v. bloody mary by silversun pickups | vi. in for the kill by la roux | vii. down the line by jose gonzalez | viii. papercut by linkin park | ix. my body is a cage by arcade fire | x. cherry tree by the national | xi. take it all away by red | xii. upupup by the mast | xiii. beast by nico vega | xiv. pierrot the clown by placebo | xv. burn my shadow by unkle | xvi. live to rise by soundgarden | xvii. cells by the servant | xviii. the jungle by jamie n commons | xix. bartholomew by the silent comedy | xx. silver by the neighbourhood | xxi. the boy with the bubblegun by tom mcrae

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